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  • Medora Hix

Feeding Plants Feeds People: a farmer shares how it helps

April 23, 2022, was a big day for 80 farmers in Nimasac. Concerned about the inflated price of fertilizer this year, a group asked Esperanza for some help getting it. The cost had doubled since 2021.

In these two short videos, one farmer, Francisco, demonstrates how they use it to help grow their food staple, corn. Here is the translation:

Video 1 where Francisco opens the fertilizer bag:

Hi brothers and sisters, I will apply the fertilizer to my sowing. The reason why I am doing it [until] now is because we haven’t had a good rain here in Nimasac until these days. I hope you like this short video I will record for you. In God we hope.

Video 2

Now I have finished applying the fertilizer to the sowing, and now I will protect it so when it rains it won’t wash away the fertilizer or the corn plants. This is how I do it.

This is the way to do it, I hope you like this short video, and thank you so much for the fertilizer relief. Thank you.

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