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  • Dr Jim Tompkins

A Pediatrician's Take

As a Director on the Board of Esperanza de Guatemala and a retired Pediatrician, the health and well-being of the people in the small community of Nimasac, Guatemala, is a major issue of interest to me. Although our non-profit is aware of many issues in the town, early on we wished to offer a “mini-health clinic” in the village during one of our visits.

In 2017, with the help of the members of the local Presbyterian Church in Nimasac, Esperanza de Guatemala was able to offer a 2-day clinic with our nurse, Mandy Nestor, and myself seeing and offering assistance to the villagers that came to be seen. Over a one and a half day period, together we saw around 80 patients, treating dehydration, ear infection, abdominal pains, and other indigenous maladies. The clinic was a great success. Our friends of Esperanza in Nimasac would gladly have us repeat the clinic on a return visit.

Seeing what those in Nimasac do not have gives me a growing appreciation of what we have in our country, and what is lacking in the highlands of Guatemala. Although we certainly do not want to change the situation in Nimasac to match ours, through the efforts of Esperanza de Guatemala we can offer the hope for an improved life experience for all in this one small area of Guatemala.

Dr Jim Tompkins

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