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Your generosity gives rural indigenous Guatemalans 
opportunities for a better life.

Thank you for donating today! 

Please select which mission area (below) this donation should go to.

Your gifts to the Sustaining Fund are critical to maintain Esperanza de Guatemala's work in Nimasac and other area towns.

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The Sustaining Fund & Esperanza's PARTner Program

This allows us to support staff in Guatemala, have a website, travel to keep relationships sustained, and more. Please note that we have no US staff; everyone is a volunteer, so more funds actually go to help. Consider being an Esperanza PARTner, the best way to help. Monthly donations help the most,

allowing Esperanza to respond quickly to emerging needs.



Education is empowering. It's the single most significant way to improve someone's life trajectory, especially a girl's. Scholarships make that happen!

Providing a scholarship or supporting the general scholarship fund creates the opportunity for a student in Guatemala to help themselves and their family.  

Give today and start making a difference!


Clean Water Project

Give an Ecofiltro water purification home-based system to a family in Nimasac. Four hundred families have asked for a chance to have water to drink and cook with, and will receive 5 hours of water and sanitation education, paying only 10% of the full cost.

Each water filter costs $41. 

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